Teaching Approach
We believe that a fully-functioning and effective international school must have an excellent and extensive international curriculum in a world-class facility and it must embed an international perspective that embraces a global community.
Our Curriculum
We shall develop and implement an enhanced, student-centered, holistic and inquiry-based learning approach that challenges students to construct a deep meaning and understanding of concepts.
Skills and strategies shall be learned through systematic instruction and rightly applied in engaging project work, investigations and authentic activities, with a blend of child-guided and teacher-supported learning. The basis of learning shall be perfect blend of all the below-listed attributes.

Along with the national curriculum under the Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, AIS offers an approved curriculum that is blend of Oxford (A and O level) with Marif. The School offers Nursery School, Kindergarten and grades I through XII.

Main and Secondary Subjects:
1. Mathematics
2. Science
3. Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Senior Classes)
4. Computer Science
5. Social studies
6. History, Geography and Civics (Senior Classes)
7. Islamic Studies
8. Physical Education


  • First Language: English
  • Second Language: Dari or Pashto
  • Optional Languages: French, German, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic
AIS's curriculum and syllabi are constantly upgraded for all classes and all subjects. This focuses on developing children's skills through activity‐based teaching methods, using topic webs to integrate the syllabi in certain areas such as knowledge, analysis, and application of information that has been absorbed.
The curriculum offers your child, to develop to his / her full potential, physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, morally and intellectually. In order to achieve the above, we aim to apply the National Curriculum of the country along with Oxford International Curriculum. All aspects of the curriculum reflect the national and global ethos. The school provides an environment wherein attitudes and values based on character building.


We fully understand the importance of developing various skills of children, in and outside of the classroom. Every department of the school shall organize sports competitions, separately for boys and girls, that help in enhancing different mental and physical skills while promoting a culture of healthy habits, teamwork, and creating a positive competitive environment.

These are following:

  • General Knowledge
  • Fine Arts
  • Music
  • Group Discussions
  • Personal Speeches
  • Essay Writing
  • Physical Education

AIS Curriculum

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